Hemorrhoids – Laugh Your Way Back to Health

There's nothing at all humorous about dealing with painful hemorrhoids. I needed an alternative to cope with the pain, itching, and embarrassment of this affliction. I was...

The Art Of Telling Jokes – Do You Have It In You?

Making boring and insipid situations funny and lively comes easily to some people. It is as if they are born with an in-born talent to make people...

Butt of the Joke

In every form of humor, be it a visual gag, a comic-strip, a sketch, a one-liner or a full routine, there's always a target or a victim....

Great Conversation Tips for a First Date

So you've hung out in front of her college for days with flowers in your hand, flirted with her enough and more, and helped your own grandmother...

6 Ways You Can Get a Girl to Want to Call You!

So let me paint the picture - you see a hot chick at a club, shopping center, or the tennis club. You build up the guts to...

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