The Art Of Telling Jokes – Do You Have It In You?

Making boring and insipid situations funny and lively comes easily to some people. It is as if they are born with an in-born talent to make people...

Great Conversation Tips for a First Date

So you've hung out in front of her college for days with flowers in your hand, flirted with her enough and more, and helped your own grandmother...

Butt of the Joke

In every form of humor, be it a visual gag, a comic-strip, a sketch, a one-liner or a full routine, there's always a target or a victim....

Hemorrhoids – Laugh Your Way Back to Health

There's nothing at all humorous about dealing with painful hemorrhoids. I needed an alternative to cope with the pain, itching, and embarrassment of this affliction. I was...

6 Ways You Can Get a Girl to Want to Call You!

So let me paint the picture - you see a hot chick at a club, shopping center, or the tennis club. You build up the guts to...

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